Meet Susan Schrott

Susan Schrott is much more than a well-respected psychotherapist. She's effective in helping patients resolve issues using her signature multi-disciplinary approach to psychotherapy. But the reason her patients are grateful to work with her rests in her deep humanity and results-oriented sessions.

Susan Schrott brings over twenty five years experience as a psychotherapist treating mental health issues and specializing in the field of eating disorders. Committed to her patients, she provides safe space for them to reconnect with thoughts and feelings that otherwise have been too difficult to experience. As a Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Eating Disorder Specialiist/Approved IAEDP Superivor,  Certified yoga teacher, and artist, Schrott inspires courage, compassion, insight and motivation that patients need to release themselves from destructive behaviors, relationships and debilitating pain.

Schrott provides tools that help her patients manage ongoing anxiety, depression, trauma, or eating disorders; a condition in which she has specializes. She recognizes that trust and confidentiality are the cornerstones of the courageous journey to health giving patients’ families the assurance their loved one is in capable hands.

A noteworthy difference between Susan Schrott’s signature approach to healing and many other therapies is, when applicable, the integration of psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, evidence based yoga and meditation and art therapy.  In her experience, these combined approaches have proven highly effective in treating long-standing issues.

Susan Schrott believes strongly in working collaboratively and closely with physicians, psychiatrists, nutritionists and your personal health care providers.

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