I first met Susan when I brought my 16 year old daughter, a junior in High School to her.  My daughter was anorexic and emotionally and socially in a bad place.  It was quite a scary time for our family and I interviewed several therapists before choosing Susan.  I knew she was the right one from my very first meeting with her.  After two years of weekly therapy, my daughter now  is a healthy,  confident, and happy freshman in college.  Susan was brilliant!  She gave our daughter the tools to deal with difficult life situations, including family dynamics, academics and peer social pressures.  Susan was caring and candid , insightful, and nurturing.  Susan was life changing!!  I could not be more grateful for her healing my daughter and teaching her life's skills that she will take with her forever.  I cannot find the words for my gratitude. 
Linda, a parent

The darkness of an eating disorder is indescribable. In the pit of it, during high school, college and then some time afterwards, I was absolutely certain that I would never, ever be normal around found. I was certain that I would never not be tortured by my body and I was certain that my life would be forever marred by this struggle. Change seemed possible for other people but not me. And then I fortuitously found Susan. I had always been skeptical about therapy. But the depthness of my sessions with Susan cannot be summarized. She does not just passively listen but actively engages and responds. She taught me radical self-acceptance. She taught me creative forms of self espression that gvae me confidence when I had none and were the rock upon which my recovery was build. She gave me concrete tools that have become a regular part of my life. It is truly a miracle to me that I live now, and have for years, completely free of the torment of an eating disorder and I owe that to Susan. I still use the tools that she gave me in my career and my journey through womanhood. As a mother now of daughters, I am forever grateful for her influence in my life, which as allowed me to be fully present for my girls and to experience joy that I never thought possible.
Melanie, a former patient

In early 2010, my husband and I made what may have turned out to the most important, luckiest good decision in our family’s life:  We selected Susan Schrott to be the primary psychotherapist for our then-12-year-old daughter, who had developed anorexia nervosa.  Nearly 7 years later, our daughter has recovered fully and is thriving as a college student, though she still has – and will continue to have –weekly therapeutic sessions with Susan.  Though “it takes a village” to enable a person to recover, you might say that Susan Schrott was the mayor. Susan Schrott has a rare combination of talents and skills that have been extraordinarily valuable to our daughter’s therapy: Susan is highly collaborative; facilitating coordinated planning and treatment decisions with my husband and me, along with our daughter’s pediatrician, psychiatrist, and nutritionist.  And as our daughter become healthier and closer to adulthood, involving her as a member of the team.
Susan is superbly skilled as a therapist.  She brings both deep experience in the science and practice of ED therapy and at the same time a distinctive set of complementary skills in meditation, yoga and the visual and practical arts.  This rounds out the patient/client experience to be able to not only get well but embrace and enjoy the wonders of life.  Susan is no-nonsense.  She is warm but no pushover.  She is fiercely dedicated to the health and well being of her patients, and this is evident in everything – her adherence to commitments, her proactive engagement with the team, and her availability outside of “business hours.”
Having a child suffering from a life-threatening illness is terrifying.  Susan Schrott stewarded us through very difficult times, gave us clear benchmarks, told us when it was “time” for residential care, and flexed as we adjusted the team over time.  And she enabled our daughter to look forward to a full, happy and healthy life.  Susan is a best partner a parent with a sick child can have.
Nancy Turrett

Susan Schrott is a highly effective therapist who combines a supreme command of her craft with a remarkable degree of empathy- both for her clients and their loved ones. My wife and I were referred to Susan as our daughter began dealing with two insidious demons: anorexia and episodic alcoholism (or binge drinking.)  The two are related and are driven by a level of anxiety and insecurity that is very difficult to oversome. Susan nonetheless worked tirelessly to lay bare our daughter's underlying issues and confront them head on. At the same time, she worked directly on my daughter's symptoms and prescribed various methods-some of which required my wife's and my involvement- to successfully do a bit of "neural rewiring." On two occasions, my daughter required additional theraputic resources. Each time, Susan came through, both in identifying what would be best for her and facilitating subsequent treatment. I'm pleased to say that my daughter's precipitous decline has been reversed and, while she's not completely out of the woods (I've learned that one rarely is), she has been given the tools to keep her dual dragons at bay and is doing much better. Susan has been our daughter's primary "tool giver." She has also given my wife and myself an inordinate amount of support during this journey and has always been available to us, even on weekends and late at night. As a therapist and indiviudal, she has well earned our enduring respect and gratitude.
Glen, a Westchester Parent

We met Susan after our daughter struggled for 3 years with anorexia nervosa, having tried the Maudsely Method, other eating disorder therapists, and an inpatient trial at an adolescent Medical Center adolescent unit for eating disorders. Through Susan's esteemed credentials and loving but firm approach, she began our daughter's journey into the world of healing; directed us to residential treatment when she was at her lowest point, then recaptured her upon her return to guide her to full recovery. Her dedication to our daughter and guiding my husband and me has been a crucial part of the recovery process. All the testimonies written truly represent the professional person she is. I highly recommend Susan for anyone needing treatment for anxiety and eating disorders.
Beth, a New York City Parent

When our son first went to Susan, he struggled with issues that affected his day-to-day ability to cope with what we would consider routine. It was always frustrating for him and us that he was unable to articulate what was bothering him. It affected his ability to eat certain foods, apply thought to process, focus and prioritize. Susan was able to, from the first meeting, create a serene atmosphere off the bat. She asked the right questions and gave him the positive reinforcement he needed. She gave him the confidence in understanding that is was OK to be different but also be unafraid of something just because it is different. She challenged him in the right ways. The extraordinary positive change we saw in our son was evident and noticeable. As we made the commitment to see someone about the challenges he faced, we did so with wariness and an underlying feeling of having failed our son in some way; where we were unable to identify and effectively treat his issues. After seeing the positive turnaround, we remain fully committed to Susan's approach and methods of diagnosing and treating our son's issues.
Kim, a Westchester Parent

Susan Schrott has been a true blessing to my daughter and my family. When we met Susan, our bright, promising child was slipping into frightening territory—depression, falling grades, social conflicts, an eating disorder. My husband and I had no guideposts for this unexpected chapter. Susan provided them. Kind and practical at the same time, her guidance helped us all get quickly to what needed to be done. Today, my daughter is thriving—she’s happy, ïs eating and living healthily, getting along well with other kids and doing wonderfully in school. It’s not an exaggeration to say that in my heart I thank Susan Schrott every day for the well-being of my beautiful child.
Lisa, a Westchester Parent

Susan Schrott has been them most effective therapist for treatment of my daughter. When she began with Susan, my daughters eating disorder was quite severe with behaviors that were difficult for any parent to manage. Through her effective style, Susan was able to give the support to our daughte that she needed and led her to a successful recovery, which to date, remains strong after 2 years. I am grateful for her comprehensive approach, her forthrightness, and her incredible skills which has helped not only our daughter, but myself as well. I highly recommend Susan for any person dealing with serious eating disorders.
Beth, a Westchester Parent

Walking out, Emily said, "I love going to Susan; we should go more often, not just when we have a problem""
Thank you!

Susan Schrott has been the most effective therapist for treatment of my daughter. When she began with Susan, my daughter’s eating disorder was quite severe with behaviors that were difficult for any parent to manage. Through her effective style, Susan was able to give the support to our daughter that she needed and led her to a successful recovery, which to date, remains strong after 2 years. I am grateful for her comprehensive approach, her forthrightness, and her incredible skills, which has helped not only our daughter but myself as well.  I highly recommend Susan for any age person dealing with serious eating disorders.
Jessica, a Westchester Parent


Susan Schrott demonstrates strong clinical expertise in the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, as well as other psychological disorders and emotional problems. She is appropriately trained to effectively utilize various treatment modalities resulting in positive outcomes with her patients. I can personally speak to her effectiveness as we have shared mutual clients over the years. Susan works collaboratively with other professionals and she believes strongly in building a reciprocal and supportive relationship with her colleagues and members of the community. Our staff often comment about Susan's extraordinary passion and commitment to her patients and they enjoy working with her due to her professionalism and effectiveness.
Benita Quakenbush-Roberts Ph.D., Founder, Owner and CEO Avalon Hills, An eating disorder treatment center providing eating disorder programs for teens and adult women suffering from bulimia and anorexia

Susan Schrott embodies the best of Western evidence-based therapeutics and the ancient wisdom traditions of the East in her heart-centered approach to psychotherapy.  She's a highly skilled LiFeForce Yoga Practitioner and a compassionate therapist.
Amy Weintraub, MFA, E-RYT 500, founding director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, the author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists: Effective Practices for Mood Management

Susan combines her extensive skills with her life experience to promote wholeness and well-being at every level. She models and lives an extraordinary life.  
Devarshi Steven Hartman, Dean, Kripalu School of Yoga, Kripalu Center

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Susan Schrott as both a therapist and clinical supervisor. Susan has the rare ability to meet everyone with whom she interacts—be they colleague or client—at his or her own level of awareness and capacity to work, effortlessly establishing safe and open-hearted rapport. As my own mentor, I have found Susan to be insightful, non-judgmental, and knowledgeable; all in all, a supportive, inspiring presence. An artist in every sense of the word, she regularly brings a uniquely imaginative flair to find creative ways to engage each person with whom she works. Susan is a clinician extraordinaire.
Lisa D. Ellis, MS, RDN, CDN, LMSW, CEDRD Nutrition Therapist